Tuesday, November 4, 2014
You are a Sparkling Existence
Self-esteem is how you feel about yourself. It is a mental concept regarding your sense of self worth how much ‘you believe’ you deserve to receive love and how competent person...
Campus News
The Transferred Role of the Post Office
On July 7, 2014, the post office in DWU changed into a different kind of institution because of decreased tasks of post than before. This
Well-Prepared Job Career Events are Waiting for You
The end of the year is approaching. Graduating students have been striving to get a job and the majority of them have already been hired by the compan
The Guide: Withdrawing a Course
Every semester, DWU allows students to withdraw from classes within a particular time period. The reason why the school does this is because some Duksungians want to canc
On Campus
A Powder Room is Under Construction for Duksungians
Have you read the student affairs section’s official document? They are going to build a powder room for Duksungians.
DS Student Club
Are You Interested in the Economy and Investment?
Do you know the Investment Value club 'Issue?' Issue is a student club that studies economics and investment. However, y
Movies Combine with Melody
The movie ‘Begin Again’ was released this year, and statistics show that the movie especially gained made a super hit in Korea. The total number of spectators was over tw
Summer Night Concert with Gum-NanSe
Classical music is regarded as something boring and old to contemporary youth. Some may want to enjoy classical music, but do not know how to approach it.
The Abroad Story of Mr. Middle Age
My lovely daughter asks “A lot of universities students eager to work at the abroad. So, do you have anything to tell them? ”
Global Issues
Cataluña Stands at the Crossroads
“Like every country all over the world, we have the right to determine our own future.” After the Scotland’s independence movement, even Cataluñ
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