Wednesday, September 10, 2014
Symbol of Female, Menstruation
Every month women go through the magical phenomenon of menstruation. Women’s life cannot be separated from it. The menstruation is the prerogative of women. However, usually it is treated as something
Campus News
Gong-gam School Bus Route
Last semester, the Gong-gam school bus service was implemented on a trial basis. It was the pledge of DWU’s incumbent student council.
The Overdue Problem of Paying
It is revealed that wages in arrear are prevalent in Duksung Women’s University (DWU). In July, comments about the overdue wages were uploaded every o
Harry Potter Movie All Day: Attractive Event
On June 24 and 29, in summer vacation, an event that showed all series of the Harry Potter movie was held for DWU students in the lecture hall from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. The
On Campus
What Do You Think about DS Internships?
I participated in ‘Beautiful Store’ managed by our school. ‘ where is a social capital company as an internship program managed by our school. I think it was a valuable e
DS Student Club
Are You Interested in the Economy and Investment?
Do you know the Investment Value club 'Issue?' Issue is a student club that studies economics and investment. However, y
What Women Should Know about Menstruation
The human body is marvelous. It is a collection of tiny and complicated micro molecules, bonded tissues which can be barely seen, and organs that involve chemical reactio
Find a different side of Germany
Novelist Goethe, Philosopher Kant, Composer Beethoven…these men are people that Germany produced. Not only prominence of pure learning but many Germans won Nobel prizes i
English learning in our life
Imagine yourself going abroad to study. Wouldn't it sound very exciting? Probably, it may, but it may not be easy to graduate. It is easier said than
Global Issues
Every Second, Every Hour is Extreme and Miserable in Palestine
We have heard news about riots and huge outcries such as ‘Arab Spring’ occurring in North African countries; Tunisia, Egypt and Libya. Those were inde
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